Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino, 54 engaged to Israeli singer Daniella Pick, 33

Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino aged 54 is now engaged to Israeli singer Daniella Pick, 33 who is 21 years younger than him.

Tarantino’s official Facebook page shared links to various articles in the Israeli media confirming the news. Daniella, 33, was quoted by Israeli entertainment news outlet Pnai Plus as saying: ‘It’s true. We are very happy and excited.’

The Two first met in on the sets of Inglorious Bastards in 2009 when they embarked on a brief romance but since then Tarantino has denied the reports of relationship.

Daniella Pick is the daughter of  veteran Israeli musician Svika Pick, who told reporters  ‘Yes, there is joy in our family.

‘They got engaged yesterday. We have wished them mazel tov.’

Oscar Winning Director is known as one of the most innovative filmmakers in the world producing Cult films like Pulp fiction, Django Unchained and Kill Bill series.

During the creativity conference, Tarantino spoke about his definition of success. He said: ‘Hopefully, the way I define success when I finish my career is that I’m considered one of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived. And going further, a great artist, not just filmmaker.’

Quentin Tarantino is known for Violent Movies so thus he quoted “Violence is one of the most fun things to watch.

Quentin Tarantino has been nominated five times for Oscars  and has won twice, both times in the “Best Original Screenplay” category for his widely acclaimed movies “Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained.”






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