Donald Trump says Russia might have interfered in the 2016 US election: AFP

Image credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuter

Update: Russia may have interfered in the 2016 US election but other countries may also have been involved: Trump

In a recent report by AFP, on Thrusday Donald Trump said that that Russia “could have” interfered in the 2016 presidential elections that led to his victory against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This statement had come a day before Trump is scheduled to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hamburg during the G20 summit.

Unites states President Donal Trump is currently on a four-day trip to Poland and Germany. On Thursday, Trump addressed a gathering at the Krasinski Square, where the monument commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against Nazis is situated, in his speech he criticised Russia’s destabilising behaviour.

Trump is being investigated for his alleged role in Russian meddling into the US election in November 2016, Hillary Clinton and her supporters had started campaign against President Trump stating #Notmypresident due to the fact that he has taken wrong steps and help of Russia in winning election over her.

Earlier, former FBI Director James Comey had stated before the US Senate Intelligence Committee that he was certain he was fired because of the president’s concerns about the Russia investigation.

But prior to meet in Russia, Trump’s claiming of intervention of Russia in 2016 elections could be a move to gain the trust of his followers and nationals against Russia.

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